Oversteer and Understeer: What's the Difference?

Our team at Saluda Motor Sales strives to keep our consumers safe. Oversteer and understeer are terms that refer to your vehicle's dynamics and how sensitive your vehicle is to steering. Understeer is when a car will turn less than what the driver expects, and oversteer occurs when a vehicle turns more than what the driver expects.

Oversteering and understeering will depend on if your vehicle is front- or rear-wheel drive. Although most rear-wheel vehicles experience oversteer and front-wheel drive vehicles experience understeer, both types of drive systems can experience understeer and oversteer in the right conditions.

Understeer primarily occurs when a vehicle accelerates too early while turning in a corner, and it can also happen when you turn the wheels too quickly. Oversteer typically occurs because of fishtailing or sliding out. You can minimize understeer by applying more suspension, and oversteer can be corrected by loosening the suspension, which will minimize the grip.



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