Stylish Packages on the Dodge Journey

The Dodge Journey is a three-row SUV in the mid-size class. It has the room that you need to take your family on trips, and it has the room you need for hauling items home from the hardware store. The Journey offers packages that make it look like a very stylish vehicle.

The main package available on the Dodge Journey is the Blacktop Package. This package has some different variations. On all trim levels, the Blacktop Package offers a black grill, fascia and bezels. On some trim levels, black wheels are part of the package. All black roof side rails are optional. This all black vehicle is a thing of beauty.

In order to find out what other features the Dodge Journey offers, come for a test drive at Saluda Motor Sales in Saluda, SC. You will see that the Dodge Journey is a powerful performer that provides fuel efficiency and good reliability.

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