Safety Features of the Ram 1500

The popular Ram 1500 is a light-duty pickup truck offering all the comforts of a sedan in the cabin. Haul a trailer with personal watercraft and enjoy the luxury of comfortable seats and cutting-edge technology while being protected by state of the art safety features.

Top-view and rear cameras give the driver a better picture of what is around them while navigating their vehicle in reverse. Positioning the truck to line up with a trailer hitch is also improved by this added feature. Once you're on the road, those same cameras will constantly monitor the load you're towing so you can check the dashboard screen to quickly ascertain that your load is secure.

The Ram 1500 also alerts the driver if it senses an obstruction in the road ahead, whether another vehicle, a pedestrian or a fixed object. Audio cues also alert the driver if the vehicle begins to weave in its lane. When cruise control is engaged, the Ram 1500 can automatically maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.



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