Synthetic Motor Oil & When It's Needed

Have you been told you need synthetic motor oil but don’t like the extra cost? As inconvenient as it may be to spend the extra money, it may be a wise investment if it helps your vehicle. Stop at Saluda Motor Sales and let our service techs check out your vehicle and advise you accordingly.

There are times when you can get by on regular motor oil and times when you need synthetic.

  • Short trips or trips down dusty roads require synthetic oil.
  • Trips in severe riding conditions require synthetic oil.
  • If owner’s manual requires synthetic oil, your vehicle needs it.
  • Normal driving with older vehicles can use regular motor oil.

We have a full staff of certified technicians waiting to service your vehicle in Saluda, SC. Schedule an appointment today or stop in and we’ll set you up on a regular oil change schedule and show you our selection of motor oils.

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