How to Identify Signs Your Exhaust is Leaking

If the exhaust system on your vehicle leaks, dangerous gases that should be exiting the tailpipe could be leaking into the vehicle's cabin. Here are a few ways to spot signs of a leaking exhaust.

Sit inside the vehicle with the engine idling, and see if you feel a vibration in your seat. You can grab the steering wheel to see if you feel a new vibration, or gently put your foot on the car's gas pedal to identify the vibration.

Open the car's hood with the engine running, listen for a hissing sound or popping coming from the exhaust manifold. One other way to detect a leak is to listen for a high-pitched whistling sound emitting from the tailpipe on your vehicle too.

Leaks in the exhaust system are serious, bring your vehicle to Saluda Motor Sales and our team will check the entire exhaust system in your vehicle for any issues.

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